Simple free geometric shape printables

Here you will find some very simple shapes that I use when introducing pre school children to shapes. While they are simple shapes they are tricky to draw by hand so it is good to have a printable template. Often they are for collage or painting and go with a lesson plan about shapes. 
Here are some lesson plan ideas for circles.
Here are some other ideas for using with the star template.

Tim's Printables

Turtle templates

Turtles are cute right? Some of them here make me smile. I have collected templates from simple to complex and one is even to make a turtle beanbag! Please just click the text link under the one you like to get a larger source to print.

complex turtle color in sheet

simple turtle shape
Themes 4 Fun
turtle color in sheet
turtle color in sheet
turtle color in sheet
ClipArt Panda
turtle color in sheet
Swimming Turtle
Turtle beanbag template
Mother Natured

Happy Thanksgiving printables

Thanksgiving printables 

Thanksgiving printables 

Thanksgiving printables 

Koala masks

 These koala masks are great to print out on grey or brown cardboard or colour in and cut out. The look fabulous in felt with furry ears if you have any furry material you can add.

finished koala mask from my poppet
my poppet

Koala mask to make
Koala mask to make
My Hoopla
Koala mask to make
Sparkle Box
Here are lots more Australian animal masks in the EXTENSION IDEAS including koala, platypus and wombat.

Frog and lilypad templates

Frogs are always fun and loved by children of all ages. The templates here are suggested for coloring in and they could then be glued to sticks to sing with this frog song.
Four green and speckled frogs sat on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs
Yum! Yum!

One jumped into the pool where it was nice and cool
Then there were three green and speckled frogs.
Great fun frog to colour in 

Frog & Lily Pad  from Mailbox Magazine
                                     For another printable template click here: Frog on a lilypad

Over 8 Free Christmas tree templates

Are you looking for Christmas tree templates? Look no further because we have a great selection here. just click on the link below the picture you would like to print out.
Christmas tree templates
Christmas tree templates
10 Christmas tree templates
Christmas tree templates
Christmas tree templates

Christmas tree templates
themes 4 fun
Christmas tree templates
Christmas tree templates

Clip art panda

Thankful Thanksgiving templates: colourful

What are you thankful for? Print out these free sheets to write down your thankful thoughts.
Just click on the links below the sheet you would like to print out.

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